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Before heading to the gym...

We all know the New Year is coming and that means the gym membership will be activated, the extra sweet treats will be thrown away and your new diet plan will commence- at least that's the goal, right?

So before you set into motion your New Year's Resolutions, we've compiled a few tips and tricks to help you over the new workout hurdles and ultimately conquer your health goals in 2019!

TIP #1 Wear the proper shoes for your feet and activity

If you've put running 5K, 10K or marathon on your 2019 bucket list, you will need running specific shoes; however, if CrossFit is your thing, then that'll require a completely different shoe. Additionally, if you are flat footed, then you'll need a different level of support compared to a person with neutral feet. These are all things that could be looked over by a workout novice. At any of our three Racquet and Jog stores, you will be educated on shoes. We will analyze every element of your foot and stride to make sure you are paired in the proper shoes for you.

TIP #2 Muscle recovery and body maintenance is crucial

Before you hit the gym or start your run, you need to understand how to take care of your body. Specifically, you'll want to keep your muscles from getting strained or injured due to workouts that your body wasn't ready to handle. Let's face it, you're going to be sore if you haven't been in the gym for a while. Luckily, there is gear designed to release tension on your lower back and knees, relieve soreness and loosen your muscles for optimal performance.

TIP #3 Take care of your feet after your workout

Post workout recovery is so important. You just pushed your body harder than you have in a while and now your feet and joints need a break. Post recovery shoes are what you need to take the stress off tired feet and joints and to rebuild and recover in between your workouts. These shoes are also great to alleviate the pain caused from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendinitis, etc.

TIP #4 Give your body the energy to workout

Nope, we don't mean fuel up with caffeine and energy drinks to help you get through a workout. If you've taken on running as your New Year's goal, the hope is that you'll be running further in June then you were in January. Nutrition is where you'll find the energy and nutrients your body needs to not only just make it through your workout, but to thrive. Some nutrition is designed to trigger the "runners high" in order to give you the necessary energy to handle a longer distance or workout. Who doesn't want the excitement of running further then expected?

The worst thing for your health goals is an injury or a lack of motivation due to the hurdles faced for anyone new to the workout world. If you prep with these tips before you hit the gym, it'll be easier to conquer your goals.

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