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Living my Dream As a Fashion Designer

When your boss say, "Do you want to fly to Vegas next week?" the answer is "Yes."

Always yes.

Over the summer I had the opportunity to attend "Magic," a trade show in Las Vegas. Magic is always one of my favorite market trips because I get to see all of the latest trends, find up-and-coming brands, and of course galavant around Sin City. 

This particular trip was a whole new world... *cue beloved Disney song* 

The purpose of this trip was finding our own line of clothing for our Racquet and Jog customers. Quality fabrics that would be comfortable all day long from reliable manufacturers.

I found exactly what we were looking for, and we cannot wait to bring these new styles to Texas! Stay tuned.

*Written by: Chesley Hiles, Shareholder and Buyer for Racquet & Jog

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