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Working Out in Josh's Shoes

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Josh has been with R&J for 7 years! During that time, he was store manager at our Texarkana location, but early this year he joined us back in our Longview store to be co-manager. He is going to school for nutrition sciences and is definitely your go-to for questions about shoes, tennis, and fitness.

When Josh is working out, he is either doing CrossFit or he's running. We asked him what he's wearing for his workouts, and these are his go-to shoes:

For Crossfit:

For Sprints:

For Long Distance Running:

It's super important to note since not all feet are equal, when he walks, his ankles supinate (see more about supination here), therefore he's been fitted in stability shoes that fit his feet and his workouts.

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