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Prepping for the Fall Races

Oh fall in East Texas... one of our favorite times to be here!! We are looking at a full schedule of activities this fall (see calendar here). As a runner, you can find a race...or two...or three... every weekend! There are costume races, glow-in-the-dark races, "will-run-for beer races" and so many more. Definitely that time of year to come together as a community and run for a local charity or a common interest.

As you prep for your races, we want to be sure your shoes are ready too. Believe it or not, there are shoes that have certain purposes and if worn for the wrong activity, may do more harm than good.

We've compiled a list of a few shoes that could work for the types of races you may be doing this fall:

Running a Half (Stability):

Brooks Adrenaline

Running a Half (Neutral):

New Balance 1080

Brooks Glycerin

Running a 5K (Stability):

Brooks Ravenna

Running a 5K (Neutral):

Brooks Ghost

Happy Running!

We always recommend being fitted at one of our stores if this is your first time finding shoes to fit your foot. We can't stress this enough- every shoe fits and feels differently. There is always a 100% satisfaction guaranteed at each store or online.

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